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Under the many initiatives of CII National Committee on Nutrition, one of the key initiatives is to create an "ONLINE COMPENDIUM ON NUTRITION INITIATIVES" focused on capturing both nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive programs that various organisations have been involved with, either on their own, or, in partnership with others, including government, other corporates, development agencies, etc. These could either be programs embedded in the business model itself (for e.g., micro-nutrient fortification), or specific CSR projects designed to work with state governments or development organisations to create the demand and supply of nutritious foods; education on good nutritional practices; infant and young child feeding practices; improvements in hygiene and sanitation; greater access to potable and good quality drinking water; etc. The proposed "ONLINE COMPENDIUM" will be a knowledge sharing platform wherein case studies/illustrations of various organisations will be collated and updated continually, to provide further opportunities to collaborate on an organic and dynamic basis.

Nutrition Initiatives

We at CII's Food and Agricultural Centre of Excellence (FACE) consider it imperative to disseminate knowledge about completed and ongoing nutrition initiatives (nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive) that have been ongoing in the industry. Currently many industries under their Corporate Social Responsibility wing and otherwise have many initiatives that they have been undertaking in the area of food and nutrition, but there is a dearth of an online portal or compendium which has everything aggregated in one place. This project aims to work on initially identifying the domains and then categorising them.

GAIN and CII partnership in scaling up
staple food fortification

Zonal Consultations on Scaling Up Staple Food Fortification

Micronutrient malnutrition in India is putting a significant section of the population, particularly women and children at the risk of under-nutrition and poor health outcomes. Over the years, the harmful effects of these vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been realized and are seen as a pressing public health challenge across the globe. Recognizing this various State Governments in India have identified Food Fortification as an effective mechanism to address the micronutrient gaps in our regular diet and have included it as part of their mission to curtail malnutrition. The Indian Food Industry is also cognizant of this fact and have been in the process of undertaking product innovation that includes micronutrient fortification of food products, ranging from staples that are consumed widely across income groups to processed varieties. Fortification is identified and value-added products with nutritional benefits, with this context the zonal consultations were planned.

The CII GAIN FSSAI FFRC consultations were conducted, the first consultation was held in South Zone - Chennai on 14th November 2018 and second one in East Zone - Assam on 28th November 2018 and the third one in Bhopal on 21st December 2018. These consultations had great participation from government, private sector and development partners and participants from local industry. With these consultations we have been able to reach out to the local government machinery working on the demand side of staple food fortification with involvement from Department of Food and Civil Supplies, Department of Women and Child Development and had participation from government officials working on mid-day meal, PDS and ICDS. The participation was also from local industry members, academia and development partners like Nutrition International, TATA Trust etc. to create awareness about fortification. These consultations were well received in the state with government and industry partners looking forward to further focused follow up activities - to enhance the sensitization and bringing into action the inclusion of voluntary fortification in the respective states.

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